Mel Richardson consultancy can provide the following services:

  • Facilitation of business improvement schemes for towns and industrial estates
  • Project management and development
  • Communication and engagement support.

1        Business Improvement District Schemes (BIDs)

A Business Improvement District (BID) scheme is government legislation which gives local businesses the power to ‘raise funds locally to be spent locally’ on improving their trading environment.  BIDs operate in defined geographical areas, often town centres or on industrial estates and are ‘business led for business benefit’. (For more information go to: UK BIDs or see Cornwall BIDs

Mel Richardson Consultancy can provide the following:

  • BID feasibility and advice
  • BID renewals
  • BID development from conception to ballot
  • Technical BID support including governance and baseline agreements
  • BID draft and final Proposals
  • Business engagement and canvassing
  • Communication and consultation
  • BID campaign plans
  • BID surveys and analysis
  • BID evaluation
  • Database management


  • Developed Cornwall’s first Business Improvement District Schemes in Truro from the outset with the formation of a steering group through to successful ballot covering all of the services offered above.  Totally Truro BID is now on its third term, which runs from 1 Oct 2017 until 30 Sept 2023. (Read more..)

2        Project Management and Development

  • Overseeing projects from conception to delivery
  • Developing projects
  • Governance – service level agreements, organisation protocols and processes, briefs for tender and contracts
  • Bid writing


  • Established the LEP’s Better Business for All (BBfA) programme through close working with Cornwall Council’s regulatory services. BBfA is about working with the business community to improve how regulatory services are delivered in Cornwall and also demonstrating how regulators can save businesses time, money and help them grow their businesses (link to BBfA website).

3        Communications and Engagement

  • Organisation of events to promote projects, ideas and productive partnership working
  • Information leaflets, proposals, action plans, reports, briefs
  • Consultation exercises and events
  • Press releases
  • Co-ordination of short films to promote projects


  • Organisation of ‘Building Better Opportunities’ event on behalf of Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum working in partnership with Cornwall Chamber of Commerce. This event brought together businesses with voluntary sector organisations to encourage stronger dialogue and positive action around the issues of inclusion, skills and employment.  (More about this event).
  • See more examples…